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Kristin Key grew up a minister’s daughter in a small town in West Texas. Much like
Footloose, she was raised in a no-drinking, no-dancing, no instrumental music environment, so she
immediately took up drinking, dancing and playing an instrument. She seemed like any other wellbehaved
girl… until she opened her quick witted mouth displaying her undeniable sense of humor,
so just to be difficult, she added standup comedy to her vices.
At 19, while in college to become a paramedic, she decided to try stand-up at the local
comedy club. As soon as she took the stage, it was obvious she had found what she had been
looking for. Small shows in the Texas panhandle turned into 35 states worth of comedy over the
next 5 years as she climbed the comedy ladder one rung at a time. Audiences couldn't help but love
the rapid-fire style of comedy coming from the "Preacher's Kid", and though female comics
struggled to find work she was booked not for being a woman, but for simply being funny.
When Last Comic Standing held their auditions in Austin, Texas, like every other Texas
comic, she stood in line hoping for a chance to be seen. After 7 hours of waiting, she got her chance
and her ticket to Hollywood to compete with the best in the comedy world. Years as a road comic
paid off; she advanced to the final six and her fan base exploded.
With validation from millions of comedy fans on NBC's Last Comic Standing, she moved to
Los Angeles and has continued to utilize opportunities in radio, television, writing, and live
performance. Kristin’s writing was regularly featured in Life & Style Magazine’s Style Slip-up section.
She has two full-length comedy CDs "Where The Cab Takes You" and "Buckle Up" nationally
distributed through Uproar Records, and is scheduled to release her third later this year. Key has
appeared on many television shows including Comics Unleashed and multiple episodes of VH- 1’s 100
Greatest Series, is frequent guest on the nationally broadcast Bob and Tom Show and played on Sirius
and XM Satellite Radio. And she still blazes around the world performing live in comedy clubs,
colleges and military shows, leaving audiences in stitches wherever she goes.
Although she now calls L.A. home, Ms. Key still has that small town point of view coupled
with a polished rapid-fire delivery that keeps audiences howling. Musically inclined and, perhaps as a
last act of rebellion against her strict upbringing, she incorporates the guitar and her funny, edgy,
insightful songs into her comedy. The blend of music, comedy, and her spontaneous sense of humor
ensures that anything can happen and no two shows are the same. Much has changed from the dusty
west Texas town of Amarillo to the bright lights of L.A. but the one thing that hasn't changed is that
fast-paced quick witted comedy that has kept audiences rolling in the aisles from the beginning and
keeps getting better.
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