Jeff Nease

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Comedian Jeff Nease has been described as ‘Hilarious!’ (Entertainment Today Magazine), “A high energy performer able to generate BIG laughs!” (Las Vegas Review Journal) and The Detroit Free Press simply declares “Jeff Nease makes us laugh!”. Observational, Conversational and often, Standing Ovational, Jeff Nease is there whenever ‘You Need Funny!’ Jeff began his career in 1987. The performing ‘bug’ bit while studying film and theater at the University of Toledo. Propelled by his love of the comedy albums of George Carlin, Steve Martin, Bill Cosby and Bob Newhart, it wasn’t long before he found himself stepping on the stage of the local comedy venue ‘The Toledo Comedy Club’. He began to hone his craft anywhere he could find an audience: nightclubs, rock bars, colleges and lounges in and around his hometown in Northwest Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. Jeff applied his theater training as a founding member of the improvisational group ‘The Impovables’. This experience helped form the spontaneous element his show is known for. Jeff soon began touring comedy clubs and theaters in both the United States and Canada. New York to L.A., Vancouver to Nova Scotia. He became a finalist in the National Lampoon Laugh-Off , was seen on Television (A&E, PBS and Comedy Central) and opened up c view more..

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