Getting Booked as an M.C

Getting Booked as an M.C


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About Getting Booked as an M.C

Getting Booked as an M.C.

1. The Role of an M.C.
So, you wanna be a professional, working comedian. Becoming a host or m.c. at a comedy club isn’t difficult, but the more knowledgeable you are about the gig, the more likely you are to get the gig and kill it. In week one we’ll lay down a solid foundation of responsibilities, as well as do’s and don’ts of a comedy club host; and we’ll answer some practical questions straight from a booker’s mouth.

2. Honing Your Set
You’ve been working open mics, bar shows and whatever stage time your best friend will give you. You feel like you’ve got a tight ten for a club show; and you might, but is it the RIGHT tight ten? Week two will cover combing through your set, counting your laughs-per-second and accounting for the kind of comic you’re opening for. After all, it’s not your show and it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Bring you jokes and let’s set you up to win.

3. Getting the Gig
You know what’s required of an m.c., you’ve got the set, so how do you get the gig? For week three we’ll talk about the business of comedy. How do you get the booker’s attention when they’re getting 100 emails a day from comics just like you? How do you stand out; and WHEN you connect with the Booker, what are some sure-fire ways to get the gig? We’ll answer these questions and more as you prepare to get. that. gig.

4. Keeping the Gig & Getting Booked Out of Town
It’s one thing to get booked as an m.c. It’s another thing to get the booker to invite you back? Instead of talking about what to do to keep getting that stage time, we’ll tell you what NOT to do, because avoiding those pitfalls is most of the battle.

We’ll also cover the deets of getting booked on the road. How do you get a gig at a club in another state? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. It’s not that hard. (Actually, it’s pretty hard, but we still know how.)

5. The Showcase
Did you think we were just gonna learn and never perform? For our final installment, you’ll perform at our midweek showcase in front of a real audience AND our club’s booker! Additionally, the two best sets will get a guaranteed PAID week at Tulsa’s very own Loony Bin Comedy Club! The work will literally pay for the class. What a deal!