Aj Wilkerson

Aj Wilkerson


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About Aj Wilkerson

AJ Wilkerson is a stand-up comedian based out of a van, down by the retention pond, more than likely behind a truck stop. Don’t worry, he’s alive, he’s just from Florida, has parent-cousins, and he’s autistic. Not kidding, diagnosed and everything!

With his nervous charm, endearing smile, appendix-bursting material (seriously, that happened!), AJ has become one of the most relevant young comedians in America, making appearances this year at Limestone Comedy Festival, Nashville Comedy Festival, Atlanta’s West End Comedy Festival, as well as in his videos which have reached millions of views on virtually every social media platform (except for Twitter, that place is a WARZONE).

Wilkerson will also make his Silver Screen debut with a cameo appearance in Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, as well as his standup television debut on Circle Network’s Stand Up Nashville! Live from Zanie’s in 2022.

AJ has worked with comedy veterans Ari Schaffer, Akaash Singh, Jeff Allen, and even the tater himself, the legendary Ron White. He is the regular feature act for Jason Mewes of Jay & Silent Bob (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Zack & Miri Make a Porno). He also recently opened for Bert Kreischer on the Berty Boy Relapse Tour.

Just to add a little extra seasoning, AJ has also won a Roast Battle at The World Famous Comedy Store, a finalist in the World Series of Comedy and US Comedy Contest, and named the winner of the Portland Comedy Festival.

You can find all of his social media accounts and upcoming shows at ajwilkerson.com