The Mastermind Show with Curtis the Mentalist

The Mastermind Show with Curtis the Mentalist


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About The Mastermind Show with Curtis the Mentalist

Don your tin foil hats and guard your thoughts! Curtis The Mentalist is in town!

The Mastermind Show with comedy Mind Reader Curtis Waltermire is the most unique LIVE comedy show that plays monthly at the Loony Bin Comedy Club.

From the moment he struts onstage in his dark sunglasses, Curtis takes audiences on a 75-minute wild ride with his mind-bending and hilarious mental demonstrations.

After all, what is funnier than the crazy things that go on in people’s minds?

It's a fast-paced show where no spectator is safe. He’ll stand you up out of your seat, pluck thoughts from your mind, play games with the money in your wallet, throw things into the audience, influence your actions, pull playing cards you are thinking of out of his crotch, and tell everyone about the time you shot the neighbor girl that you had a crush on in the butt with a BB gun. Stuff he couldn’t possibly know about people--like you--that he’s never met.

And he keeps you laughing the entire time he’s doing it.

Then he wraps his face with gorilla tape and it really gets crazy!

Don’t worry, he isn’t really psychic, and he can’t talk to your dead relatives. He just enjoys creating laughter and entertainment in his own unique and astonishing way.

The Mastermind Show is not a show where you merely sit back and watch; it's a highly-interactive show where you and everyone else get directly involved. Can Curtis tell YOU what crazy things YOU'RE thinking about? Come out for an amazing and fun evening of comedy entertainment that you must experience for yourself.

Seats for this show often fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve your seats TODAY!